MSN study sparks online discussion

It was rewarding yesterday to see a discussion emerging from news articles on child safety. In Europe, MSN conducted a study of children’s habits online, and certain European companies also pledged to protect children online. The story is also active in the US. If you’re aware of this story in other places please provide that link in the comments here.


Microsoft can be a resource for parents who would like more information on the technical solutions that are available, as well as how to guide effective conversations with children. Over here on the Windows Live Family Safety team, we see the materials posted here as a companion to the technical solution we deliver with Windows Live Essentials. It’s incorrect to just install a Family Safety product and expect that to cover 100% of what your child does online. It’s also incorrect to just have a conversation with your child (even a good one) and expect that to cover 100% of what your child does online. Both approaches are needed.


If you have Windows Live Family Safety installed for your family, please use the comments here to describe what additional conversations you may have had with your children. Is there something more you’d expect to happen on the software side? Are there questions about educating kids that you’d like answered?


Thanks in advance for the discussion.

- Elizabeth Grigg, Program Manager, Windows Live Family Safety

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